Bar soap is an environmentally friendly choice! 

  • It uses less plastic compared to body wash. Zest bar soap uses 100% recycled paperboard and 65% post-consumer content (Newsback). 1
  • It uses less energy to manufacture than body wash. Bar soap requires 5 times less energy for raw material production and nearly 20 times less energy for packaging production than liquid soaps. 2
  • It uses less water than body wash. A standard body wash is composed of 85% water whereas a standard solid soap is composed of only 8% of water.  Additionally, washing with solid soap requires 60% less water usage than washing with liquid soap. 3
  • It uses more efficient transportation compared to body wash. Not only is liquid soap heavier but it's also not packaged very efficiently. Typical transportation track can carry 42 more units of 4oz Zest bar soap per case than the standard 18oz liquid body wash. 4